Whats Next?

Super Tuesday has passed, but there is still a long road of other state holding caucus to give each candidate their delegates to determine who will be representing the democratic party. To win the Democratic nomination, a candidate must earn 1,991 delegates. For the state of Minnesota, we have chosen to give them to Joe Biden as well as our international IBEW has decided to endorse him.

Minnesota may be done with the presidential side until we have our primary on august 11, but there are still ways we can support our local candidates that are running for office. I’m asking you to get involved with helping us elect people that are going to protect our rights as a union. Reach out to your candidate of choice and let them know the things you would like them to support, and even volunteering to help the candidate get elected, parades, door knocking, helping in a phone bank, also putting a sign on your lawn or window to show support. It’s the small things that can make a difference.

If in any way you need help finding information, or if you’re wanting to find ways you can help more, please reach out to Justin Pruett email justinp@ibewlocal343.org phone 507-577-1109