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Temporary Book Signing Policy

With the Stay at Home order taking effect tonight and lasting until April 10th, local 343 will be closing the lobby starting Monday, March 30. and remaining closed until the stay home order is lifted by the Governor. In doing so, we will not be allowing book signing and re-sign in person. Book signing will temporarily […]

Covid-19 Update Feb 26th

Dear Brothers and Sisters; Governor Walz announced a Stay at Home executive order 20-20 yesterday requiring Minnesotans to stay at home. All workers that have the capabilities to work from home must do so from March 27 at 11:59 pm to April 10 at 5:00 pm. He also announced executive orders extending the closure of bars, restaurants, […]

Health Care Screening Survey from Contractors

Dear Member. Today we have seen our first general contractor start asking for members to sign a health care screening survey. The question was asked if these surveys are legal and are they allowed to do it? The answer is yes, health care screening surveys are legally acceptable because it is reasonably related to reducing the risk […]


The South Central MN JATC is currently accepting resumes for the position of a full-time day school instructor for the Inside Wireman Apprenticeship Program.  The position will be for the Rochester Training Center. Instructor Job Posting Applications must be received before March 31, 2020, to be considered.


Dear Member. As we see the increase in Corvid-19 cases being reported, and the CDC recommendation social distancing and many hospitals and clinics have started restricting access over COVID-19 concerns.  I want to remind all our members that there is a second option for non-emergency care that is a no-cost option for you. Recently you […]

Corvid-19 Update 1

Dear Member. As you are aware, the situation with the Coronavirus is ever-changing and we are working to get the most current and up to date information to you as it happens. Please bear with us.   We plan to remain fully operational to serve the membership during this time. We are taking every step […]

Upcoming Precinct Caucuses

COME FORWARD TO SHAPE THE OUTCOMES WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE FOR THE 2020 ELECTIONS. GET OUT TO THE PRECINCT CAUCUSES ON FEBRUARY 25, 2020 AT 7PM. Please follow this link to the AFL-CIO to find info and Party Resolution sheets to bring with you to the Precinct Caucuses AFC-CIO Please follow this link to […]