Union Dues DUE DATES:

Union Dues are due the 1st of each (beginning quarter) month: 1st Quarter = January 1st, 2nd Quarter = April 1st, 3rd Quarter = July 1st, 4th Quarter = October 1st

Union Dues AMOUNTS:

Beginning the first quarter of 2019  (January 2019), the International Increase is as follows:

“A” Members: Per quarter (3 months):  120.00  Semi-Annually (6 months):  240.00  Yearly (12 months): 480.00

“BA” Members: Per quarter (3 months):  63.00  Semi-Annually (6 months):  126.00  Yearly (12 months):  252.00

2018  (January 2018)

“A” Members: Per quarter (3 months):  117.00  Semi-Annually (6 months):  234.00  Yearly (12 months):  468.00

“BA” Members: Per quarter (3 months):  60.00  Semi-Annually (6 months):  120.00  Yearly (12 months):  240.00

Processing Fee:

Dues are to be paid (at least) Quarterly in advance.  If your dues are not paid by the 10th of the designated month, there is a $20.00 Processing Fee added to your account (monthly) until your Dues are paid.


I.O. Reinstatement Fees:

If your dues are still in arrears after three (3) months, there is an I.O. Reinstatement Fee added to your account:                                                     $30.00 for “A” Members

$3.00 for “BA” Members

Local Union Processing Fees are added to your account as well


Insufficient Funds Charge:  Per the Executive Board Policy (revised 10-17-11)

Each member writing a check with insufficient funds to Local 343 shall be charged $30.00 fee.  After writing a check with insufficient funds to Local 343 all future payments, for a one year period, shall be made by cash, money order or credit.


Methods of Payment:

    1. Cash – In person only
    2. Check (Be sure to include Member’s full name)
    3. Money Order (Be sure to include Member’s full name)
    4. Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card–In Person, On-Line or Over the Phone
    5. Automatic Dues Withdraw from your Vacation/Holiday check:
    6. Members have the option of having their Dues Automatically withdrawn from their Vacation/Holiday checks!  Electrus Federal Credit Union will automatically withdraw Union Dues payments (Semi-annual amounts only) and send them to IBEW Local 343 for processing. *Call the Hall for complete details and a form.
    7. DropBox (not Pick up Box!) – Located next to Front Door at Union Hall (Rochester only)