Union Dues DUE DATES:

Union Dues are due the 1st of each (beginning quarter) month: 1st Quarter = January 1st, 2nd Quarter = April 1st, 3rd Quarter = July 1st, 4th Quarter = October 1st

Union Dues AMOUNTS:

Union Dues for 2024… the International Dues are as follows:

“A” Members: Per quarter (3 months):      Jan – June 2024 135.00/quarter    INCREASE ON JULY 1, 2024 –>           Starting July 1, 2024  $138.00/quarter

“BA” Members: Per quarter (3 months):   Jan – June 2024 $72.00/quarter    INCREASE ON JULY 1, 2024–>            Starting July 1, 2024  $78.00/quarter


Processing Fee:

Dues are to be paid (at least) Quarterly in advance.  If your dues are not paid by the 10th of the designated month, there is a $20.00 Processing Fee added to your account (monthly) until your Dues are paid.


I.O. Reinstatement Fees:

If your dues are still in arrears after three (3) months, there is an I.O. Reinstatement Fee added to your account:

$30.00 for “A” Members

$3.00 for “BA” Members

Local Union Processing Fees are added to your account as well


Insufficient Funds Charge:  Per the Executive Board Policy (revised 10-17-11)

Each member writing a check with insufficient funds to Local 343 shall be charged a $30.00 fee.  After writing a check with insufficient funds to Local 343 all future payments, for a one-year period, shall be made by cash, money order, or credit.


Methods of Payment:

    1. Cash – In person only
    2. Check (Be sure to include Member’s full name)
    3. Money Order (Be sure to include Member’s full name)
    4. Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card In-Person or On-Line
    5. Automatic Dues Withdraw from your Vacation/Holiday check:
    6. Members have the option of having their Dues Automatically withdrawn from their Vacation/Holiday checks!  BLAZE Credit Union will automatically withdraw Union Dues payments (quarterly) and send them to IBEW Local 343 for processing. *Call the Hall for complete details and a form.
    7. Drop Box (not Pick up Box!) – Located next to Front Door at Union Hall (Rochester only)