Local 343 Officer Election Results for 2022

Ballots for the 2022 IBEW Local 343 Officer Election were counted Wednesday June 8, 2022.
363 ballot envelopes were received, 13 of those were ineligible to vote. 350 ballots were opened with one spoiled ballot and one voided ballot resulting in 348 valid ballots.

Here are the results, winners indicated by*:

President, Sean E. Sannes: 285 votes*
Vice-President, Mike E. Steffes: 279 votes*
Recording Secretary, Theodore J. Sauer: 278 votes*
Treasurer, Thomas C. Small: 274 votes*

Business Manager Financial Secretary,
Steven L. Cardell: 172 votes*
Chad M. Katzung: 104 votes
John C. Underhill: 65 votes

Executive Board Member, Top five are the new E-Board*
Robert P. Ernst: 160 votes*
Jeremy E. Evenson: 164 votes*
Jesse M. Lee: 173 votes*
Johnathan D. Mastery: 94 votes
Richard M. Resch: 119 votes
Christopher J. Will: 121 votes
Marshall K. Williams: 100 votes
Weston L. Wilson: 163 votes*
Randy W. Zincke: 175 votes*

Examining Board
Mark C. Rutten: 260 votes*
Bruce A. Tanberg II: 233 votes*
Thomas O. Yates: 261 votes*

Election Board
John W. Swanson
Brent Wienberger
Nikki Heather
Milo Weckworth
Jason Lindahl
Paul Spevecek
John Powrie
Justin Pruett