Wage Allocation Results

Counting of wage allocation ballots. The ballot counters consisted of the present Executive Board members with the addition of Tom Small, Sean Sannes, and John Swanson. John Swanson was the acting head teller. The received ballots and counting of such ballots follow as


Ballots Received                               416

Ineligible votes                                   13

Ineligible from unpaid dues             1

Spoiled ballots                                    3

Total countable ballots                  399


4 possible outcomes from 4 vote options


#1                                            92

#2                                            47

#3                                            121

#4                                            139


Option #4 was declared as the winner by John Swanson and verified by the rest of the ballot counting team.

The new wage rates will be sent out with the newsletter soon.

Thank you to everyone that voted.