IBEW Local 242 is a walk through. They will need 200 more JW’s over the next four weeks for Newtron Electric at the Huskey Oil Refinery. Total package of $69.60 with $150 sub per day working 6 – 10’s. You can sign in person at 242’s hall, or for Local 343 members wanting to get on 242’s book, let us know and we will send the information they need for you to take a call

Picnic is Saturday, August 14th in Goodview, MN and free to all 343 Members/Retirees and immediate family members. It’s always a fun time with lots of food and great prizes!  Don’t miss out!


3rd Quarter Dues were due by July 1st – $123/quarter for “A” members and $66/quarter for “BA” members Remember to pay your dues ONLINE or mail in payment as we no longer take payments over the phone

Calls for Wednesday, August 4, 2021

*Please note: All of our calls DO require a MN State Electrical License unless otherwise noted*

Unfilled Short Call: Bowman Electric – Shop – Albert Lea, MN – 1 JIW -Indoor/Outdoor/Industrial/Commercial/Residential/Service Work – Residential or Inside pay based on the work you’re doing – 20-40 hours/week – Report to Shop ASAP at 8 a.m.


**To put in for a call, please call the Job Line between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.**

Calls went out Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Long Call – BHI – Prairie Island Nuclear Plant- Welch, MN – 4 JIW – Went out at BK 2 #8, #13, #14 & #28


Click HERE for Upcoming  Work.

TWO Things from IBEW Local 343:

  1. Local 343’s Administration does not condone or promote furloughing of any kind.

  2. Any member working for a non-signatory contractor without authorization from the Business Manager will be brought in front of the Executive Board.