Benefits of the IBEW

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Expanding your business requires better manpower, better standards and a better way to manage the HR needs of a thriving company.

Are you ready to bid bigger jobs in new market segments or out of your home area?
The extensive skilled labor pool and inter local agreements make working in new segments or new areas worry-free.

Are you ready to spend more time going after jobs than running your HR department?
Health insurance, retirement plans and all other paperwork is part of the normal payroll report you receive from IBEW…saving you time and money.

Working Together To Build The Future.

As an IBEW contractor, we’ll work with you to provide an extensive pool of trained, skilled, professional electricians. It’s our mission to create a productive and efficient work force to help you build and grow your business.

We understand that without the contractors, there is no work for our members.

As an IBEW contractor, you’ll tap in to a national organization, with all of the strengths that come with a well-established national association including no additional administrative costs.

Helping you grow is important to us. We’re willing to roll up our sleeves to help you get the job done. Let’s work together to reach your goals.

How can Local 343 benefit my company?

In trying times like these, a business has to do one of two things; either change with the times, or get left behind. Here at IBEW Local 343 we’ve been making changes so that Contractors that belong to the IBEW can easily take advantage of our low cost incentives. Just look at what we have to offer!

A Wealth of Education:

With a state of the art 7,500 square foot training center a full time staff of teachers and a class curriculum that has been certified by the State of Minnesota, we offer some of the most efficient training there is. We offer everything from residential and commercial apprenticeship classes to power limited energy classes. We even offer continuing education to Journeyman and Master’s license holders to assist in updating their State CEU’s as well improving their skill level. New to our Training Center is a 60 foot mock-tower which helps us maintain the best safety and productivity possible when wiring wind generators. Through rigorous training in fall protection, tower rescue and CPR we set the bar for others to follow.

Nearly Unlimited Manpower:

With a Large well trained and qualified workforce, we raise the standard for efficiency. We offer workers with all types of licensing and qualifications, everything from voice/data and communications, to certified welders and climbers. From a referral list, contractors can request manpower, and in a matter of hours have it assembled on the jobsite, ready to work. With a new classification of worker, the “pre-apprentice” allows a more competitive labor mix when coupled with Apprentices and Journeymen. When it is “crunch time” at the end of a project, or just a smaller scale job to start with, a short-call may be just the ticket. A short term employee can be picked up for 2 weeks, and then let go after the job is done making it simple for a contractor to increase and decrease his manpower as conditions dictate.

Limitless business possibilities:

The affiliation of the IBEW and Minnesota Building and Trades opens Signatory contractors up to bid jobs not normally accessible to open shops. NECA (National Electrical Contractor Association) is also available to provide you, the contractor, with any education that you might want or need, and to also assist and represent you at the bargaining table all of which helps to keep contractors productive ultimately increasing their bottom line.

Feel free to call us or stop by the office/training facility for a tour. We would like to answer any questions you may have about the Union, and we look forward to meeting you.