With A Union You Have Rights

When your employer buys a product, he strikes a bargain with the seller.  He may make an offer, but the selling price isn’t necessarily the same as either the offering price or the asking price.

That’s the way U.S. business is conducted. Nobody finds anything wrong with bargaining over the price.  It’s different only when it comes to your wages and working conditions, unless you have a union.


WITHOUT A UNION, the employer sets the wage because the average worker is in no position to do anything about it.  Alone, you have no bargaining power.


What’s true about wages is equally true of other benefits and working conditions.  Without a union, the employer decides on holiday pay, vacations, medical and sickness benefits, and even whether your length of service on the job counts.

WITHOUT A UNION, you can complain about unfair treatment, but the boss doesn’t have to do anything about it.  He can even fire you for complaining.

What is the IBEW?

The Facts

 We hear a lot about the Union.  Just what is it?

The IBEW, or International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, is a non-profit labor organization, as defined in the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.  Basically, the IBEW is an organization of workers with common concerns and aspirations.

Does the IBEW have other goals?

Yes.  The IBEW strives to promote community activities by its members.  We all know that by working together, we can accomplish what we cannot accomplish alone. The IBEW serves as a vehicle to bring together people of many talents to achieve service to the community and mankind. Together, we all add to the organization.

How many members are in the IBEW?

The IBEW represents nearly 725,000 members in all branches of the electrical industry, including employees of electrical construction, telecommunications, electric, gas, and water utilities, broadcasting, government employees, and manufacturing.

The IBEW exists solely to represent the interests of workers in the electrical industry.  It is an organization of workers for workers.


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