Temporary Book Signing Policy

With the Stay at Home order taking effect tonight and lasting until April 10th, local 343 will be closing the lobby starting Monday, March 30. and remaining closed until the stay home order is lifted by the Governor. In doing so, we will not be allowing book signing and re-sign in person. Book signing will temporarily be done by email. Re-signs will be done on-line, fax or mail, not in person. New book signing directions and forms will be located in the pickup box by the front door. Resign forms can be found there as well. Once filled out, place them in the dropbox. The new book signing rules can be found in the link below. All daily activities will continue as usual.

If you have any questions feel free to call anytime.

Temporary Book Signing Policy

Mail in Ballot

There are options to apply for a ballot to be sent to you from Minnesota for federal, state, and county elections with all the talk about safety with voting in this time of the pandemic. Not only does this allow you to vote early, but it also saves you time from having to wait in line. There is a simple online application you can fill out. With the primary coming up 8/11/2020 being the first one, you can get sent to you. An easy 2 step application is online that takes minutes to fill out and send in. if you have any questions, please reach out to me Justin Pruett, 1(507)577-1109 or by email Justinp@IBEWlocal343.org



Wage Allocation Vote

Keep an eye on your mailbox. The wage allocation ballots were mailed today. If you have any questions follow the directions that are enclosed. If you do not receive a ballot, contact the office and we will put you in touch with the Head Teller. Stay safe everyone


Please take a moment to take this survey. We want to hear from you and how the COVID-19 has been affecting you. Individual responses and contact information will be kept confidential.


2020 NEC Adoption Postponement

2020 National Electrical code adoption has been delayed because the board has received 25 valid requests for a hearing regarding the adoption of the code. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hearing has been moved from May 4th to Aug 19th, 2020. As of now, all permits, installations, inspections, and examinations will continue to be under the 2017 NEC. At this time, there is no information on when the 2020NEC will come into effect in Minnesota.

Online CE Classes for Journeyman!


From the DOLI:  Anyone whose license expires in MARCH, APRIL or MAY 2020 still have to RENEW to avoid late fees.  If you do not have your Continuing Education credits you are given 90 days to get them in after your renewal.  So you have 90 days after your license renewal to get a code class in.

At this point Code Class sizes will be limited.  First come first come first serve.  If you do not call and register you CANNOT JUST SHOW UP.  If you do not need your CE class to renew in the next several months please push back your class to later in the year.


If your LICENSE EXPIRES in APRIL or MAY, you can take an online class and get reimbursed for it by submitting the cost and completion certificate to the JATC


1:  Tradesmance.com   16 ceu’s  $288

2:  Pacepdh.com  16 ceu’s  $300

3:  Nfpa.org  16 ceu’s  $99



New Grant for Veterans

A new grant is available for veterans or surviving spouses who are negatively impacted by COVID-19 and pertains to financial constraints, such as paying utility bills, rent, mortgage, medical bills, auto repairs, etc. People that qualify could receive a one-time financial relief grant for $1,000. There is no set end date for applying for the grant, as it depends on the length of the peacetime emergency and the availability of the funds. Visit https://mn.gov/mdva/blog/?id=1066-425565 for more detailed information and links for the application.

Latest Update

The latest updated on receiving unemployment insurance for people that are newly applying and the extra 600

What you need to know:

  • The first week for which you can get the additional $600 is the week beginning March 29th.
  • You can request the week of March 29th on or after April 5th.
  • You do not need to do anything to get the additional $600. they will automatically add it to your payment AFTER you request benefits for the week of March 29th (and every week after that you are eligible).
  • If you are receiving your unemployment benefits via direct deposit, the additional amount will show up on your bank statement as a separate transaction as of now, and this could change.
  • You don’t need to tell them you have exhausted your benefits – just continue requesting benefits every week.
  • Once they get instructions from USDOL, they will be able to detect everyone eligible for Extended Benefits and add those benefits to their account.
  • They can then automatically pay you for any weeks you had requested.
  • They will let you know if they need additional information from you.


Information I have been given says it may take up to two to three weeks until you get your first payment, April 21st could be how long you could wait, and affect new people applying for benefits as well.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me Justin Pruett 1(507)577-1109 justinp@IBEWlocal343.org