Endorsed Candidates for 2022 Election

Who you vote for is your own business. You should know that after careful consideration and selection, the following candidates have been endorsed by the IBEW Local 343 COPE Committee; they are candidates that will fight for Labor and the values of working men and women and our families if they are elected to office. This list of candidates is for the education of IBEW Local 343 members and is not published in cooperation with any candidate for office, candidate committee or other political fund or group. Any questions or concerns contact: John Swanson, Political Coordinator at 507-951-2239 or jswanson@ibewlocal343.org

Tim Walz, Governor,
Peggy Flanagan, Lt. Governor
Keith Ellison, Attorney General
Steve Simon, Secretary of State
Julie Blaha, State Auditor
Jeff Ettinger, US House of Representatives, First Congressional District
Endorsed for both the August 9th  special election and the November 8th  general election
Minnesota Senate by district
Anita Gaul, SD15
Fernando Alvarado, SD16
Chad Tschimperle, SD17
Nick Frentz, SD18
Kate R. Falvey, SD19
Bradley Drenckhahn, SD20
Brandon Lawhead, SD23
Aleta Borrud, SD24
Liz Boldon, SD25
Daniel Wilson, SD26
Minnesota House of Representatives by district
Keith VanOverbeke, HD15A
Tom Kuster, HD15B
Robert M Wright, HD16A
Jennifer Carpentier, HD17A
Jeff Brand, HD18A
Luke Frederick, HD18B
Abdulahi Ali Osman, HD19B
Laurel Stinson, HD20A
Elise Diesslin, HD20B
Patrick T. Baustian, HD21A
Michael Heidelberger HD21B,
Marisa Ulmen, HD22A
Marcia Stapleton, HD22B
Mary Hinnencamp, HD23A
Tom Stiehm, HD23B
Keith McLain, HD24A
Tina Liebling, HD24B
Kim Hicks,  HD25A
Andy Smith, HD25B
Gene Pelowski, HD26A