February 27th, Precinct Caucuses

What exactly are precinct caucuses? In nutshell it is likeminded neighbors meeting to decide what direction your political party will take for the next two years. Reasons to attend include:

1.  It is a gathering of your politically active neighbors, get to know them!
2.  If you want to be a delegate to any convention (local, state, national) of either political party this is where your journey begins. Conventions are where candidates are endorsed.
3.  The party platform and action agenda are based on resolutions passed at your precinct caucus.
4.  Precinct Chairs and Vice-Chairs are elected to represent your neighborhood on the local unit central committee.
5.  Opportunities to meet candidates!
To find out more about PRECINCT CAUCUSES click HERE.

Find your caucus location with the Caucus Finder.

Links to party resolution forms:
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party  2024-MN-DFL-Resolution-Form.pdf
Republican Party of Minnesota  Resolutions-Form.docx

Any questions contact John Swanson Political Coordinator at 507-951-2239 or jswanson@ibewlocal343.org